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In order to empower the Community and the Nation Entrepreneur and Honorable President Shri Manjunath.V initiated the formation of Samruddhi Credit Co-operative Society. To foster the talents and to enhance the Entrepreneurial abilities of the new generation was the main motto. Apart from community service, the foundation is striving to promote National Integrity, Communal Harmony and Human values among the compatriots. In this direction, our President Shri Manjunath.V Co-operation and contribution to build Samruddhi Society is laudable further with a panel of executive committee Members, Directors and their selfless dedicated services, the foundation is able to alleviate the tears and tribunals of helpless and unemployed people.

Further the door of Samruddhi Society is open for all communities and faiths, which makes it a district Samruddhi Society which stands for true Indian spirit and magnanimity.

The Mission

  • To adopt Marginal and Micro Income holders as Stake Holders i.e. Customers and organize them in the informal sector to promote sustainable saving practices. In the process Samruddhi Society is committed to economically empower the Customers to become self –reliant.
  • To create a conductive environment in the village to enable different sections of the community to live in harmony. To create infrastructure through executives participation to improve the living habitat.
  • To Motivate the individual family to plan for self development and assist them in realizing their plans. To dare the poor to envision a dream and to work together with them to make it possible.
  • To work with the unreached the poor, the backward the Minorities, the weaker section and above all the Women to Empower them socially and Economically.
  • To promote Entrepreneurial skills among the poor and escort them to implement the skills.
  • To achieve progress in an environment of tolerance to spread the message in the community that Morality is not a liability but a virtue. Where everybody has an equal opportunity to sustain one dream.
  • Our reputed co operative society increased the receipts in next financial year and extended the area of operations by opening new branches in neighboring districts of Karnataka.
  • The Mission of Samruddhi Credit Co-operative Society ltd is to eradicate poverty by building a secure and transparent financial service to the underprivileged, especially Senior Citizens, Women, Handicapped and those living below the poverty line.
  • The organization has adopted a co-operative approach in order to involve every Member in our Mission with a spirit of co-operation and mutual confidence. The Credit society has instituted a working culture, which revolves around Efficiency, Professionalism, Teamwork and Flexibility.


  • The small farmer’s marginal farmer need to be organized to empower them with the knowledge and tools for developing their family and their lands by availing loans from Samruddhi Society.
  • For a community to prosper, the rich and the poor within the community need to live in harmony and to realize that to be rich is an opportunity to serve and to be poor is not a curse but an opportunity to prosper.
  • The sources of fund need to be generated within the village and need to be shared within the village for development.
  • Progress can only be achieved through participation and sacrifice and not by struggles and street fights.
  • Development shall not be at the cost of valves but with it. That the development coupled with strengthening of values will make the progress sustainable.
  • Progress knows no barrier- caste, creed, community it is the right of all human beings who desire to progress.
  • Everybody is trust worthy and therefore needs to be trusted, that micro credit based more on trust is the foundation for progress.
  • Multiple development activities and several assistance programmers’ have accompanied the loans to truly make marked difference in the approach towards development.

Although our Samruddhi Society has its own Management practice interwoven with its great efforts. We have well established system of clear cut Authority, Mechanism of internal checks and Controls, a chain of command and accountability in the Society Administration.

Samruddhi Society is unique in being financially self sustainable at the same time continuing to be good guidance. Our Society was over whelmed by this unique event. Accordingly Samruddhi Society organized a meaningful workshop “Saving Plans” to look at the innovations in Customers Development and study the future prospects, and to spend it on a project to benefit members.

The Challenges of Samruddhi Society

There are a number of plans associated with extending savings to customers, Programmed design, installment collections, adequate coverage, financial sustainability and capacity etc.

Senior Management by CHAIRMAN and the board of Directors have two major responsibilities pertaining to the provision of Society plans. First they are responsible for identifying, Negotiating, and Maintaining outsourcing relationships with other companies or consultants.

Secondly management plays the role of visionary and key Motivator and Explains its customers and fulfill its mission on regular intervals, we draft new reports, performance ratios and analysis. The Samruddhi Society relies on direct contact with members through an integrated team of field workers. Society team leader is known as a “Product champion” because she or he is responsible for managing the development champion’s ability to motivate the team and forge a consensus.

The Society team should keep the entire organization updated on their activities and solicit suggestions though the process from employees who are not directly involved.

Internal Control

To reduce its vulnerability, Society maintains policies and procedures that form its internal control system. We adopted saving plans requires a whole newest of internal controls system. We adopted saving plans requires a whole new set of internal controls. These internal controls typically designed and overseen by an independent internal audit department include preventive and detective aspects. Preventive controls inhibit undesirable out comes from occurring while detective controls identify undesirable outcomes that have happened. This section first describes the preventative methods used to reduce the likelihood that fraud will occur. It concludes with a description of methods for monitoring policy compliance and detecting possible fraud.

An important method for detecting Fraud, And for improving Customer Service is to establish a complaint and suggestion system that creates a communication channel through which customers can voice their opinions. Our customers to complain, and if their complaints can by-pass the local branch office, then they will be more likely to report questionable conduct on behalf of loan officers and other Field Staffs . Whenever Branch Manager’s and the Operations Manager’s or the internal Auditors investigate this conduct, it often reveals fraudulent activities.

It is important to note that co-workers of the perpetrator, not auditors, detect most instances of frauds. Therefore Samruddhi Society creates a work Environment that provides incentives for employees to report suspected Fraud to the appropriate level of Management.

Societies Key Terms And Concepts

  • Maturity payment-full details are mentioned in the cash certificate
  • Application processing-work getting done by our executives.
  • Enrolment form verification-by giving designation in Samruddhi Society.
  • Executives education-For achieving improvements in the field.
  • Customers visit-For avoiding fraud and authenticate.
  • Compensation system-Unfortunately accidental death occurs
  • Complaint and suggestion system-For avoiding risk in the future.
  • Cross functional representation-To become great leader.
  • Detective controls-For centralizing under system of work.
  • Financial Management-To bring modern technology system to customers.
  • Fraud detection-To gain the faith of the customers.
  • Management information system-For clearing doubts and questions.
  • Market research-Survey work to achieve more business.
  • Operational audits-To bring perfect and honest in work.
  • Pilot test-To achieves brilliant selection process.
  • Savings collections-Daily accounting report to be produced to head office.
  • Product champion-We have many products on savings and investments for gaining profit.
  • Board of Directors committee-To look after the success work in every project.
  • Resistance to change-Timely informed through circulars.
  • Screening-Explains elaborately and depicted the developments.
  • Staff training-Regular educating the staff to work under discipline.
  • Waiting periods-New innovations to be adopted in the future days.
  • Increasing the number of customers that they are serving.
  • Maintenance excellent portfolio quality.
  • Society recommended, Rewarding Field Staff for their success in Enrollment of Customers.
  • Financial Statements- Balance sheet, Profit & Loss Account, Cash Flow Statement.
  • Providing saving opportunities-Daily Savings (pigmy), Recurring Deposit (RD), Fixed Deposit (FD), Monthly Interest Releasing Fixed Deposit etc.

The Yashaswini Health Insurence Scheme

The scheme originated in the mind of Dr. Devi Prasad Shetty (Narayana Hrudayalaya - Bangalore), Dr. Manjunath Shetty( JSS Hospital Mysore), Dr. C. N. Manjunath (Director of Jayadeva Hospital - Bangalore), Dr.L.H.Bidri (Ashwini hospital- Bijapur), Dr. Chandra Mouli (Fortis Hospital Chairman-Bangalore). The above mentioned doctors are pioneered the spread of telemedicine as well as low cost 823 operations in Karnataka. Our Society now introduced such schemes to our customers and executives by keeping in mind concerned with problems of access to sophisticated health care of the rural and urban population.

Therefore solving the restricted scope problem and mobilizing a large number of rural and urban subscribers under Samruddhi Society. Further the health card solving the restricted benefits problem by designing the self financing aspects and creating a health care infrastructure through (476 network hospitals in Karnataka). Yashashwini trust scheme is administered by State Government of Co-operative Formers of Karnataka, 5 board members drawn from the medical community and the department of co-operation.

Steps To Success in Samruddhi Job

We motivate all leaders by giving the timely training on steps to success in life:-

  • Vision/dreams/goal : We would have many dreams, however as you grow older your dreams tend to get smaller.
  • Commitment : Please be truthful to yourself and take care of your sub-ordinate executives and you will become success.
  • List of names : This is your treasurer’s chest, your powerful asset. Once you have created a list then please categorize them in to A, B and C.
  • Make the call and invite them : Explain everything about saving plans, when you meet the person not on the phone.
  • Present societies saving plans : It would be good to start by asking questions about dreams.
  • Follow up : Please follow up with your friend and clarify his doubts and clear his objections.
  • Check with leaders : Always keep in touch with your senior leaders.
  • Duplicate/Teach : A key factor for success in business is to be able to duplicate what you do and to teach your junior executives to do the same.


Management and Administration:-

Samruddhi Society is managed by a team of Board of Directors appointed by its president for a period of 5 Years. The Directors are expected to meet once in a quarter. During the year 2013-2014 Four meeting of the Directors were held.

Honorable and respected President Shri Manjunath.V and Board of Directors take personal interest in day to day performance of Samruddhi Society. Besides, the Directors also attend the Executive committee meeting. The executive committee comprises of Directors, the appointed executives and Coordinators’ of Samruddhi. The branch leaders of Samruddhi Society are the invited members of the executive committee.

While the CMD and Board of Directors take policy decisions and advice on the course of action in the short term as well as long term, the executive committee takes implementation decision, reviews the performance of the projects approves the action plans and generally implements the directions of the Society.

The Society Directors and main leaders attended many programmers and gave their expertise on different issues. The Managing Director presented a paper on different saving plans to customers and implemented sophisticated software in a workshop organized at Bangalore. Our CMD Shri Manjunath. V addressed the workshop conducted at Vivekananda Institute for training on saving plans for financing, the experience of Samruddhi Society. And hosted the State Level Conference (Samavesha) held at Udupi. More than 1500 Executives and Customers from different districts of the state attended in the Programme and experienced the activities of Samruddhi Society.

A Dream Come True:-

Today all executives and customers, dream has comes true. As many as 1 lakh Customers from various Districts and Taluks have been enrolled and saved money from their earnings, in Samruddhi Society.

All in all it was an important and challenging year for Samruddhi when it became sustainable yet remained compassionate. The Samruddhi Society continues to rely on the grass roots for its performance and the promoters for its wisdom. At the same time it seeks the blessings of lord Manjunatha swamy and Guru Sai Ram for strength to continue its efforts in visualizing its mission.

Our Chairman and Managing Director Shri manjunath.v request our patrons to please pause a while and go through our outline summery. Your words of encouragement will certainly enthuse to us.

With warm regards,
Chairman & Managing Director and all directors for

Samruddhi Credit Co-operative Society Ltd.