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Welcome to Samruddhi

In order to empower the Community and the Nation Entrepreneur and Honorable President Shri Manjunath.V initiated the formation of Samruddhi Credit Co-operative Society. To foster the talents and to enhance the Entrepreneurial abilities of the new generation was the main motto. Apart from community service, the foundation is striving to promote National Integrity, Communal Harmony and Human values among the compatriots. In this direction, our President Shri Manjunath.V Co-operation and contribution to build Samruddhi Society is laudable further with a panel of executive committee Members, Directors and their selfless dedicated services, the foundation is able to alleviate the tears and tribunals of helpless and unemployed people.

Further the door of Samruddhi Society is open for all communities and faiths, which makes it a district Samruddhi Society which stands for true Indian spirit and magnanimity.

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Management & Administration

Samruddhi Society is managed by a team of Board of Directors appointed by its president for a period of 5 Years. The Directors are expected to meet once in a quarter. During the year 2013-2014 Four meeting of the Directors were held.

Honorable and respected President Shri Manjunath.V and Board of Directors take personal interest in day to day performance of Samruddhi Society. Besides, the Directors also attend the Executive committee meeting. The executive committee comprises of Directors, the appointed executives and Coordinators’ of Samruddhi. The branch leaders of Samruddhi Society are the invited members of the executive committee.